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resident evil 3 x rockwell by m7781

Print for Bottleneck gallery’s upcoming show 8-bit and beyond

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Tanooki Mario Origins

Created by Marco D’Alfonso

Website || DeviantArt || Tumblr

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The Line It is Drawn mashes up some inspired new ‘Super Teams’ this week over on CBR. My fav picks are above, but there’s tons more to check out HERE.

X-23, Superboy, Rei Ayanami, Boba Fett, Deadpool & Scarlet Spider by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Wonder Woman, Valkyrie, Red Sonja, Xena & Vampirella by Bill Walko / Website / Tumblr

Supergirl, Squirrel Girl, Hit Girl, Wordgirl, & Tank Girl by Caanan Grall 

Batman, Luke Cage, Hellboy, Spike, Don Draper & lo by Caanan Grall 

Lobo, Deadpool, The Goon, Snake Plissken & Spike Spiegel by Fernando Pinto

Star Sapphire, Emma Frost, Witchblade, Starfire & Vampirella by Xum Yukinori

Daredevil, Batman, Marv, Robocop & Martha Washington by Mathieu Parent

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Resident Evil 3 by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Part of the “8-Bit & Beyond 2" art show opening August 8th, 2014, at Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

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The Line It is Drawn produces some great comic book Disney Mashups this week over on CBR. My picks are up top, but you can check out many more HERE.

The Punisher : Bambi 2 by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Green Arrow meets Disney’s Robin Hood by Nelson Flores

The Sorcerer Supreme’s Apprentice by Uncle Woofie

John Constantine in Fantasia by Cynthia Sousa / Tumblr & Amanda Rodgers

Mulan Spars With Black Bat by Rachel Ordway / Tumblr

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I ship it.

He’d treat her better than the Joker.


can we js take a moment to appreciate Marco’s (m7781) great art 💕

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Professor x Hodor by Marco d’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

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Happy Birthday to Artist Marco D’Alfonso!

Check out his Website, DeviantArt  and be sure to follow him on Tumblr,

huge huge thanks to herochan!!!

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Happy Birthday to the United States of America!

Captain America x Norman Rockwell Mashup

Created by Marco d’alfonso

Website || DeviantArt || Tumblr

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The Line It is Drawn celebrates the Fourth of July with some Captain Aamerica Mashups over on CBR this week. My favs are above, but there are plenty more to check out HERE.

Captain America x Rockwell by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Doc Savage & Captain America by Uncle Woofie

B.P.R.D. Find Cap by Mathieu Parent

Captain America meets Kick Ass by Fernando Pinto

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